When it comes to permanent recruitment, the war for the top talent is more challenging than ever.

Not only is the competition for the best candidates increasingly tough, but businesses have insufficient time and resources to engage in robust, modern recruitment processes to secure the right individuals for open roles.

If your business managers are forced to spend time attempting to recruit, the danger is that their attention is detracted from their operational responsibilities - and your business can suffer as a result.

The fact is, recruitment can be a full-time job. By partnering with an expert local recruitment agency, your staffing needs can be taken care of in a cost-effective, timely manner and your business managers can continue with what they do best - successfully running your operation!

At CSA based in St. Patrick’s Street, Cork City our recruitment consultants are experts across a range of professional industries. We have been sourcing quality candidates for years, and have a huge database of pre-screened, highly qualified and motivated individuals who are seeking their next career move.

We are different because we blend our years of industry know-how and recruitment experience with the latest recruitment and selection technologies. This powerful approach enables us to source, assess and place the best candidates for your business, delivering a strategic recruitment solution that is entirely customised to your unique business needs and priorities.

What does it mean for you as a hiring professional? Simply put, you will be matched with a highly experienced recruiter with a wealth of available talent, saving you energy, time and resource and linking you with great prospective hires.

Contact us today to discuss how we might help you to grow your business, while saving time and money, through a strategic and customised staffing solution.

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